My work has been presented at:
        • Conference on Quantum Information Processing (QIP)
        • Asian Quantum Information Science Conference (AQIS)
IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT)

Selected Talks:
        • Distillation of quantum coherence
           (invited talk at RMS:QI 2018, JILA, University of Colorado Boulder, USA)     
        • Quantum channel simulation and the channel’s smooth max-information
           (contributed talk at ISIT 2018, Vial, Colorado, USA) [slides]
           (contributed talk at TQC 2018, UTS, Sydney, Australia) [slides]
           (contributed talk at BIID 2018, Cambridge, UK) [slides]
        • On finite blocklength converse bounds for classical communication
           over quantum channels

           (contributed talk* at ISIT 2018, Vial, Colorado, USA)
        • On converse bounds for classical communication over quantum channels
           (contributed talk* at QIP 2018, QuTech, Delft, Netherlands)
        • Efficiently computable upper bounds for quantum communication
           (contributed talk at QIP 2018, QuTech, Delft, Netherlands) [slides]
        • Non-asymptotic entanglement distillation
           (long talk at AQIS 2017, Singapore) [slides]
        • Semidefinite programming converse bounds for quantum communication
           (contributed talk at AQIS 2017, Singapore) [slides]
        • Approximate broadcasting of quantum correlations
           (contributed talk* at AQIS 2017, Singapore)
In the above list, (*) indicates delivery by my co-author.
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